Diamond service line

Pile Cutting
Providing all the necessary equipment and a qualified operator to complete any pile cutting project. Diamond cutting machine used to cut the reinforced concrete pilings, tie beams and pile caps of any dimensions and diameter. Completing each required cut in just minutes with a minimum amount of rubble.

Diamond Coring
it is a precise and efficient method offering a viable solution to create round openings in hard concrete: Areas with limited space; Maintaining the structural integrity of surrounding surfaces and areas; Precision drilling at any depth; Drilling any hard surface.

Hand Sawing
Hand sawing is commonly employed when general wall sawing can't be performed. Our machines use this type of saw for cutting openings in poured foundation walls for electrical, plumbing and HVAC openings.

Wall Sawing
Wall sawing employs a diamond blade on a track-mounted system that can be used for vertical and horizontal cuts. Wall sawing is typically specified to cut precise openings for doorways, ventilation units and windows.

Wire Sawing
This services used primarily for cutting heavily reinforced concrete in industrial and civil engineering structures, including under water bridge, dock, wharf, pier and dam work. Safe for surrounding structures and areas, wire sawing allows for controlled demolition in highly trafficked and occupied areas.

Groove Cutting
Grooves line for incline ramp purposely for tire grip. Grooved surfaces also prevent the onset of drift and weathervaning. Drivers find overall ground handling and stopping characteristics on grooved surfaces a dramatic improvement over un-grooved surfaces.