Concrete service line

Pressure Grouting
Pressure Grouting is assisting us to strengthen the structure elements, such as for lamp pose, highmast, steel columns and beams, and structures for buildings or bridges. The challenge is to find the best combination of methods and materials to achieve all technical objectives.

Concrete Repair When a crack affects the performance of the structure, then we will repair it to restore its structural properties. Epoxy injection is typically the basis for this type of repair, with or without added reinforcement. The injected epoxy is actually stronger than the concrete and can restore the concrete strength, but if there is an underlying problem, such as an overloaded structure or some movement condition, the concrete will simply crack again in another location.

Through Wall Positioning Our tool is transmitting signal owing to its inherent advantages such as penetrating ability, wall thickness measurement, and assistant on identifying correct drilling position or other purposes behind the wall.

Rebar Detection
Purposes of Rebar Detection System are intended for the localization, depth determination and diameter estimation of reinforcing bars as defined in the technical data mostly needed for further analysis. The tool can be used for various concrete reinforcement detection applications. The scanning mode used depends on the application.